Rootstock Revival at Pony Pasture

Sometimes giving biodiversity a boost comes down to the simplest ingredients: digging a hole, watering it, and popping in a scrappy little bundle of roots.

Next spring and summer the demonstration restoration area by the rapids and kiosk at Pony Pasture should have some added color – the purple of Virginia Spiderwort (Tradescantia virginiana) and the yellow of Green and Gold (Chrysogonum virginianum). Rescued “rootstock” of both of these locally native species came to us from a site slated for development; members of the Riverine chapter of the Virginia Master Naturalists took the opportunity to diversify the herbaceous layer in this area where volunteers have been working to remove invasive wintercreeper ground cover.  Both species are well-suited to wooded, riparian habitat.

Might the root system be the source of the “spider” in the common name “Spiderwort”? We thought they resembled calamari!

We soon will be adding new volunteer days this fall to continue reclaiming this area from wintercreeper.  Be a habitat hero and join us!  Details will be posted on the Task Force calendar.